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weighbridge-01Your organization’s investment in a weighbridge (Truck Scale) needs to be based on your application/needs, quality and performance.

There are 3 different types of weighbridges to consider, namely, 1) Pit. 2) Above Ground., and 3) Portable or Re-locatable.



  • The Pit type is the oldest design, while the cheaper Above Ground type is currently the most popular.
  • Due to demand for the the Above Ground type, a number of new distributors have entered the market. Caution is recommended when considering the Above Ground type as they have a number of short comings that are not immediately apparent.
  • The Portable/Re-locatable type is also popular due to their portability, however, this type of weighbridge is more expensive to manufacture due to the additional support required to complete the installation.

When considering which type of weighbridge is best for your application, it is important to compare the weight of the deck dead-load. Generally speaking, the higher the deck dead-load, the better built the weighbridge is, resulting in better accuracy and longer service life. Conversely, the lighter the deck dead-load, the lighter the weighbridge construction, and the more likely it is to deflect and cause weighing errors which cannot be corrected. Total replacement will be required to rectify the problem.


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