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Weighbridge software Smartweigh is a leading weighbridge interface software application used in highly complex industrial inventory and production management requirements with smartcard and traffic control to simple ticketing. It is widely used in ready mix plants, quarries, mines, rail weighment applications, cement companies, recycling plants, agricultural distribution, farms, oil companies, dredging applications etc.

With its unique versatile smart sense connectivity feature, Smart-weigh connects to most weighbridge indicators like GE Avery, Rice Lake, Mettler Toledo, Unipulse, Cardinal, Epel, Yaohua XK 3190 etc. Smartweigh can be configured to work in three levels of complexity. In simple mode, you can remove many text boxes like purchase order number, customer order no etc, so that the screen looks simple for the operator.

Weighbridge software Smartweigh is designed to support all three weighment modes simultaneously – single weighment with stored tare, double weighment and batch mode weighment with multiple first weights. Batch mode is used in cases where more than one material is loaded in a truck, and the weight of each material has to be managed separately.

Smartweigh weighbridge software is a multi-site multi-weighbridge multi-shift networkable weighbridge software application. Traffic control can be done automatically or by the operator by controlling traffic lights or barrier from within the application. Smart card interface supports both Philips Mifare and 125 KHz cards.

Smartweigh weighbridge software has a separate back office application, to be used by back-office staff to manage invoices, purchase orders, production log, smart-cards etc. Back-office is an easy to use networkable application that can support 20 users in write mode and up to 200 users in read mode.


• Smartweigh weighbridge software supports versatile connectivity with most weighbridge indicators like Avery, Mettler Toledo, Epel, Rice Lake, Unipulse, Cardinal, Yaohua, Universal Impex etc.

• Weighbridge software supports Mouse only/ key board only/ mixed mode of data entry.

• Smartweigh weighbridge software supports short cut keys to accelerate data entry.

• Smartweigh Supports both code-based and non-code-based data entry.

• Smartweigh weighbridge software Handles sales, purchase, customer returns, supplier returns and public weighment.

• Smartweigh weighbridge software supports Single screen operation for the weighbridge operator.

• Transport charges calculation based on transporter and location. Accounting of transport charges based on transporter and location.

• Customer/Customer order wise pricing support.

• Weighbridge software supports Multiple materials per customer order.

• Weighbridge software Tracks ordered/ delivered/pending for customer orders.

• Smartweigh has Smartcard interface that supports both mifare and 125 KHz smart cards.

• Smartweigh weighbridge software supports real time CSV file output to interface with external systems or database.

• In-vehicles report to find out about the vehicles inside the premises.

• Smartweigh has built-in Customer sales graphs for analysis.

• Smartweigh Supports liquid weighing. Easy specific gravity control.

• Smartweigh weighbridge software Supports moisture correction.

• Smartweigh weighbridge software supports counting.

• Configurable Tare difference alert and tare expiry.

• Secure weighment, with configurable lock levels.

• Back office supports 20 users in write mode and up to 200 users in read mode.

• Back office as a separate package can access from back office computers in the network.

• Optional remote back office solution for remote connectivity.

• Weighbridge software Supports multiple platforms, for multi-platform indicators.

• Smartweigh weighbridge software has Multi-site, multi-weighbridge connectivity.

• Smartweigh weighbridge software Supports multiple operators and super- users with different access privilege.

• Smartweigh weighbridge software has built-in invoicing module.

• Any weighment can be tagged with purchase Reference No., Invoice No. etc.

• Supports manufacturing and production logging with unlimited recipe support.

• Optional accounting back engine.

• Smartweigh weighbridge software has more than 60 reports templates giving you a combination of more than 200 reports.

• All reports in smartweigh weighbridge software can be exported to Word/Excel/ Lotus/Text format.

• Email weighments automatically for reporting.

• Built-in Camera support including IP camera/ DVR /NVR (MJPEG stream) support.

• Smartweigh weighbridge software supports easy installation of new reports.

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